To work as an independent contractor(*1) at a construction site in Japan, it is necessary to take out the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance by joining an organization such as our union regardless of nationality(*2). Although it is not compulsory to enroll in the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, workers on a contract who are not covered by the principal contractor’s employees’ compensation insurance need to do the compensation insurance procedures individually. Workers are often not allowed to enter the site for the reason that they do not take out the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, and thus enrolling in the insurance is necessary for working at a construction site.

The Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance is a system which provides insurance benefits for workers who get injured due to work or commuting. You can receive benefits for the medical treatment free of charge in case of injury due to work or commuting such as the following cases;

- You fractured your leg when you fell down from a high place.
- You dropped a working tool and injured your hand/foot.
- You got injured while going to work from home using the same route as usual.

Even the principal contractors feel safer if their sub-contractors take out the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance. There are types of benefits such as Temporary Absence from Work (Compensation) Benefits for a worker who is injured and unable to work in order to receive treatments. In addition to temporary medical expenses, when any disabilities remain, the worker can receive Disability (compensation) Benefits depending on the severity of the disability. When he/she requires nursing care due to the disabilities, Nursing Care (Compensation) Benefits can be also provided.

The government operates the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance which our union deals with, therefore benefits are provided by the government. If you get injured due to work or commuting, our union carries out the compensation insurance procedures on behalf of you. Please be assured that all the procedures will be done by our union while you need to explain the details of the accident.
To join our union, you will be charged an enrollment fee (1,000 yen), union dues (500 yen per month),
and insurance premiums (based on the basic daily benefits you choose). No extra cost is needed.

Taking out the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance fosters a safer working environment in Japan. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Our operation hours are from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

*1. An independent contract means a contract in which money will be paid on the condition that a work (construction) is completed. If you receive detailed and specific instructions for a work daily, or if your payment is based on the working days and hours, it means you are employed not contracted. In that case, the company requesting the job, not our union, is obligated to insure, so please contact the company you are requested.

*2. We only accept foreign nationals with no work restrictions. Please note that you will need a residence card with no work restrictions or a Special Permanent Resident Certificate when you apply.